Remedial Waterproofing Association was established out of necessity.

Over the last few years, Home Insurance Claims for leaky Showers and Balconies have routinely rated as the top 3 issues, each and every year. That being said, nothing has changed, each year the industry continues to observe the same building practices and each year the same outcome occurs. Home owners are spending from as little as $2,000 to well over $50,000 to repair failed waterproofing and the ongoing damage caused from the original leak.

Remedial Waterproofing Association has identified the National Construction Code as a possible issue. All essential building components that are used in construction have a ‘lifetime of the home’ expectation (refer to Fig.1&2) with the exception of the membrane which usually has a life span of 10-years.   After 10-years  a balcony will be expected to leak, but now we are seeing more and more wet areas leaking after as little as 6 months.  Home owners are frustrated, tearing their hair out so to speak, going through the local courts to get builders to do the right thing only to find that the builders are as confused as they are.

Consider the following case study provided by HIA Insurance: –
A recent example involved a shower base waterproofing failure in a home built over 5 years prior. The eventual cost to repair the damage resulting from the faulty workmanship was more than $240,000 (almost the original build cost)!

For further information on the above case study CLICK HERE

Remedial Waterproofing Association has put together a list of skilled tradespeople that have been trained in new technologies to repair your leaky wet areas without the massive expense in commencing a major renovation or completely ripping the area out and redoing the wet area.  Please Note: if that is your preferred approach, our tradespeople can undertake the task for you.

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