Leaky Balcony Repairs

So your balcony looks good, but there is mould, a wet area in the carpet or water damage occurring downstairs, and failure of the waterproofing membrane has been identified as the cause.

Firstly, you are not alone.  We have found that the majority, in fact, up to 70 percent of

balconies that leak, have timber frames demonstrating that the way we build today is insufficient and not good enough, in our belief, poor building practices are the cause of most waterproofing failures.

If you would like to see our suggestions on how to build to avoid leaks, please click here.

With regards to balconies, because water can get in from any one location and track to the point of failure, there are only two options to consider. Epoxy and sealers should not be used to repair leaky balconies on their own, but may be used in conjunction with either of the Two following methods: –

Topical Membranes

Topical Membranes waterproof the surface from above; you can get colour options like multithane UVR from Durham or WPA 230UV from Bayset. If you require a clear- finish option, you have Clear Waterproofing Membrane from Remedial Membranes; this allows the surface to retain its look. It becomes watertight and gives a slip resistance surface.

Rip out and Redo

Contact an experienced tradesperson to rip out and redo your balcony. We recommend that you apply the suggestions under – ‘How Do I Waterproof’ recommendation on our website so that you don’t end up with another leaky balcony repair where the membrane is below the tiles and out of reach.