With so much rain lately, many homes, resorts, and other accommodations are experiencing leaky balconies and/or the dreaded continuous leaky shower. These are 2 of the most common problems, even WITHOUT all the additional rain we’ve had. They may seem like small issues at first, with only with a few indicators; mould, wet carpet, musty smell etc, but if left unattended, can lead to structural damage and expensive repair costs, especially if there are multiple rooms or levels affected.

Why is this happening you may ask? When building structures go through periods of dry and then long periods of wet, the earth around the foundations can move, creating movement in the building and causing wet areas to fail. Australia has been experiencing in full swing the la Nina weather system and record-breaking rain levels (well above 1 in 100 years) and is said to be remaining for the next 5 years or so. This means that because of the high amounts of structural movement, a balcony even though it’s been installed correctly, could now need to be redone yearly (without it being a warranty issue). This is mostly due to the fact that the waterproofing membrane is installed under tiles, making it impossible to identify the point of failure or access it for repair making wet areas extremely difficult and costly to repair. This USED to be the case, but now you can repair wet areas using a CLEAR OVER-TILE waterproofing membrane, so regardless of if the weather makes the area move or not, you have the confidence that it’s waterproofed and it doesn’t mean huge out of pocket expenses for future repairs if needed. With applying a topical membrane it is easier to identify issues and easy to patch repair.

For further information on options available or help with leaky shower leaky balcony repairs you can contact us or search for an Accredited Remedial Waterproofing Specialist in your area via our ‘Find A Tradie’ tab.